The ski and snowboard camp fun begins with enrollment in the Blue Angels Youth Ski & Snowboard Program, which usually occurs between back-to-school time (September) and the pre-holiday season (early December). Some of the ski buses fill up quickly due to high demand in particular areas so early enrollment is recommended.

Orientation Meetings & Info Sessions

Parents and participants can learn more before committing by attending any of our program orientation meetings, which are held in early December and January in each region (Nor Cal Schedule So Cal Schedule). New participants and at least one parent or legal guardian are asked to attend a meeting of their choice in order to properly prepare for the first ski and snowboard program day. Interested parents/participants may also attend to learn more; however, in some instances, the bus may be full by the time the meetings occur. The orientation meetings are a thorough overview of how to prepare for winter camp, what to expect, etc. We review our Program Guide during this time and answer questions. Both parents and participants leave these meetings feeling ready to hit the ski slopes!

Ski Bus Trip

When day one of camp rolls around, participants head off to their assigned bus departure locations very early in the morning (between 5:15 AM and 7:00 AM, depending on your location), where they will be greeted by one of our volunteer parent chaperones. Chaperones help ease the transition from early morning drop off by mom or dad to boarding the ski bus with new friends. They assist with loading gear and getting situated on the luxury charter bus, just in time to watch a movie! Once all are aboard, it’s off to the ski slopes for a 1.5-3.5 hour bus ride, depending on your location.

Arrival at Ski Resort/Instruction

Prior to arrival at the ski resort (So Cal Nor Cal), chaperones announce that it’s time to start gearing up for the slopes, helping anyone requiring assistance in putting on boots, clothing layers, sunscreen, etc. Once ready, the young skiers and snowboarders are assisted off the bus to grab their ski and snowboard gear and escorted to their pre-assigned ski and snowboard lesson groups. The groups are based on age and ability, with each class being assigned to one professional ski or snowboard instructor for the five Saturday camp. Ideally, the groups remain in tact for all five program days; however, some may move up or down, based on the recommendation of the ski school supervisor.

Blue Angel Snowboard Camp for Kids at Sierra-at-Tahoe

Once instructors and participants are matched up at the ski school staging area, the groups head off for a day of learning and fun on the slopes with their new classmates and coach. The instructors enjoy coaching Blue Angel Snow participants since they get to work with the same skiers and snowboarders for five consecutive Saturdays (skipping holiday weekends). The groups remain together all day, including during lunch (provided by Blue Angel Snow). We  see a measurable amount of progression during a season, which leads many to return year after year, ultimately advancing to the top level group.

Trip Home

At the end of each day on the mountain (between 3:30-3:45 PM), the groups are led by their instructor back to the bus for a prompt 4:00 PM departure. Our Northern California program participants enjoy a dinner stop along the way home due to the longer drive time, while Southern California participants are back home just in time for dinner!